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Our Story

From an early age, girls are often encouraged to put on fancy shoes instead of sneakers, at the same time sneakers are almost exclusively put on boys from an early age. This disparity creates a fundamental disadvantage. We believe that sneakers allow girls to be their true selves. It allows them to move freely, and participate in physical activities like sports. Sports can help girls learn important life skills, and change ideas of self-image. Despite these benefits, social stigma, and lack of access often push young girls away from sports. In fact, girls drop out of sports at two times the rate of boys.


Seeing this disparity of opportunity between genders, Eric Drath, a father of two young girls, wanted to find a way to encourage girls to feel empowered, strong, and confident through athletics. He realized that the simple gesture of offering sneakers could encourage girls to be more confident about themselves. He felt strongly that those who were most in need of such encouragement were the underprivileged, underserved girls living in the shelters of New York City. After conceiving the general concept, he called his best friend from college and roommate John Trbovich, a successful venture capitalist with a daughter. Before Eric could finish his sentence, John said: “let’s do something.” That is how EvenFooting emerged. 

Our Mission
We empower girls through athletics. 
What We Do 
We partner with agencies that oversee homeless girls (ages 8-14) and girls waiting for foster home placement. We create an annual event led by celebrity athletes where free sneakers, and scholarships for community youth sports leagues are provided. We also visit shelters throughout the year. We provide athletic clinics with celebrity athletes, and register girls for the annual event. 
Why We Do It 
We believe in the power of sports, especially the effects it has on girls. According to the United Nations, girls who participate in sports are more likely to reach their potential as leaders in the society. That's why we also believe that putting girls in sneakers as early as possible is essential for their development. It encourages them to run,  jump, and feel confident about themselves.  We aim to encourage girls through providing opportunities in athletics and providing them with sneakers. 

Junior Action Committee 

The Junior Action Committee is a all female youth group who takes charge of the planing and execution of EvenFooting events. 

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