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Upcoming Events 

Girls Basketball Day
December 11th, 2021

At Jackie Robinson playground in Harlem, New York, Even Footing is back! We’re bringing basketball, face-painting and inspirational speakers to girls in preventative care and temporary housing ages 8-16.

Past Events 

Winter 2020 Game Drive

In the depths of the pandemic, Even Footing was able to conduct a successful Game Drive brining hundreds of board games, puzzle, and crafts to preventative care facilities housing children awaiting foster placement.  

2019 Girls Soccer

2019 Soccer Day at Frederick Douglass playground. Another successful soccer event with over 100 girl who participated in soccer, face-painting, and crafts, as well as receiving back to school book-bags, tee-shirts and water bottles!  

2019 Annual Girls Basketball Night

January 21, 2019

Even Footing will be hosting basketball lessons for girls on Martin Luther King Day at the YM & YWHA of Washington Heights

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September 04, 2018

Even Footing will be hosting the annual Girl's Soccer Day Event. 

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Girls Basketball Night

March 08, 2018

To celebrate the International Women's Day, Even Footing invited young girls from local homeless shelters in New York City to participate in basketball activities for all levels taught by coaches from Saturday Night Lights. 

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