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Upcoming Event

March 8th. 2018

Upcoming Event

September  2018

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Take a look at our first EvenFooting event led by Olympic gold medalist, Kristine Lilly!

What We Do 
We partner with agencies that oversee homeless girls (ages 8-14) and girls waiting for foster home placement. We create an annual event led by celebrity athletes where free sneakers, and scholarships for community youth sports leagues are provided. We also visit shelters throughout the year. We provide athletic clinics with celebrity athletes, and register girls for the annual event. 
Why We Do It 
We believe in the power of sports, especially the effects it has on girls. According to the United Nations, girls who participate in sports are more likely to reach their potential as leaders in the society. That's why we also believe that putting girls in sneakers as early as possible is essential for their development. It encourages them to run,  jump, and feel confident about themselves.  We aim to encourage girls through providing opportunities in athletics and providing them with sneakers. 
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